Aaron Tagert

Aaron Tagert

Aaron is a compassionate and experienced guide, dedicated to helping men pursue healing and freedom from unwanted sexual behaviors and relational brokenness. He joined Regeneration’s team in 2021.

Aaron is an ordained minister, a Certified Guide with Jay Stringer’s Unwanted course, a trained Full Therapeutic Disclosure Guide, and a healing prayer minister. Aaron specializes in helping men engage their stories by developing curiosity and self-compassion in a safe and supportive environment. His greatest desire for the men he walks with is to help them walk in the truth that they are true sons of God and that in them, He is well pleased.

Aaron is a Fellow of the C.S. Lewis Institute and holds an undergraduate degree in youth ministry and a master’s degree in education. In addition to his role as a Men’s Spiritual Coach, Aaron also serves as Regeneration’s Ministry Outreach Coordinator, and as the leader of our Unwanted Men’s Intensive Group. Aaron serves as the men’s ministry leader at his local church and has experience leading groups with Husband Material, Samson Society, Celebrate Recovery, and Pure Desire Ministries, including The Conquerer Series and The Seven Pillars of Freedom.

Aaron has been married to his wife Alysha since 2007 and they have two sons and two daughters.

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