Letting Go


What do you do when you’re ready for healing, but you haven’t been able to let go of your sin?

Are You Ready for Healing?

Consider this idea from a very popular passage in the Bible. The younger son in Luke 15 asks his father to give him his inheritance early so he can leave the family business. The father allows him to go. He doesn’t force the son to stay or try to change his mind. This story is a picture of God’s love for us. God desires our faithfulness and love, but he won’t force it.

But, on the other side, sin doesn’t want our love, it wants to enslave us. Let that sink in for a moment.

Do you struggle with having a love-hate relationship with your sin? This is normal. The younger son must have felt this way. He loved his sin enough to leave home and hated it enough that he wondered if he could return home. Maybe for  you, you sometimes understand how harmful your sin is to you, yet other times it feels impossible to live without. 

The good news is, Jesus comes to you where you are, even while you are weak and under the control of sin. He takes your death and grants you new life. He doesn’t criticize or mock you, but instead he wants you to come back home. I can hear the conversation now.

You say, “I want to come with you, I really do. I also want to stay, though, you should know that too. Although I hate this place, the sin feels so good. Please help me; I want to come back home.” 

Jesus responds with tenderness and joy, “This is why I’ve come.” He looks directly at you and opens His hand to reveal the scar. He says your name again, louder and with more authority, and you feel something stir inside you. A mist clears and you realize that your desire for sin is not who you are, this is not where you belong, and none of it is what you truly desire. 

Then, as if by instinct, you tell him everything. Along with tears, it all pours out–you confess all the places you have been, all the sins you’ve done, and all the secret desires for more sin that you can feel inside. 

You look up and he is still holding you in his gaze. He raises his hand higher for you to see, and this time, as you look, somehow you see all that you have just told him absorbing into his wound. In a voice full of sweetness and authority unlike any other, you hear, “Come home. Come, walk with me.” 

Friends, Jesus has come to help you wherever you are stuck, wherever you are trying to love God more and your sin less. While he won’t make the choice for you, he has given all of himself for you–for your life, your freedom and your healing. Don’t believe that your feelings for old familiar sins define who you are. Christ makes you new. Hear him call your name, take his hand, and believe. 

Our team at Regeneration is here to help you.

Are you ready to heal!?!

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By Josh Glaser

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