Andrea Smithberger


A Path to Wholeness: Overcoming the Grip of Pornography


ABOUT THE EPISODE Have you ever wondered why some women struggle with pornography addiction, and how it might be connected to deeper heart issues? In this intimate and powerful conversation, we tackle the tough topic of pornography addiction in women and the extra layer of shame they often bear. Join us as we explore how the type of porn someone is drawn to can reveal underlying issues, such as...

Boundaries 101


Listen on: Consider this episode a life course. And we’re calling this class Boundaries 101:What are they?How do I set up boundaries?Why do I set up boundaries?What does God think of boundaries?If they’re so good, why are they so hard to set up? This topic and conversation is rich with definitions and examples and more. Let’s get started. Highlights: Boundaries are more about saying “yes” to our...

Overcoming Loneliness


H.A.L.T is a powerful tool used in recovery. Each letter represents a different risk state that can lead you to your drug of choice (H Hungry, A Angry, L Lonely, T Tired). In this episode of Sacred by Design, we’re exploring the risk state of Loneliness. Out of the 4, loneliness feels the most risky and vulnerable to talk about. So, we’re talking about it. Highlights: In your journey towards...

Sexuality and Singleness


We hope by now you’ve come to expect the unexpected from Sacred by Design. Sexuality and Singleness is what we are talking about today! That being said, many of you might assume the life of a single, Christian woman means numbing and suppressing desires. Being single doesn’t just mean not having sex. There is so much more. Are you willing to give God the space, as you listen to this podcast, to...

Women Watch Porn Too


Women watch porn too, and we want you to know you aren’t the only one.  Let’s begin with this truth: You, a woman, are not alone in your pull to pornography. Statistics back this by revealing that 57% of girls ages 14-18 have viewed pornography. That means more than half the girls in high-school are watching porn. 60.2% of women view pornography. So you are not alone. The truth is simple;...

We Must Love Ourselves to Love Others


The sacred voice of God calls you beloved. Can you hear it? Shame and rejection may be loud in your day to day. For now, let’s set down our megaphones of criticism. Consider what it would sound like and feel like and look like to embrace your belovedness, and learn that We Must Love Ourselves to Love Others. Let’s get ready. Highlights:Many of us believe that being a good Christian means we focus...

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