Dan Keefer


Looking for Life

This morning, before heading out the door for my second walk with my dog, Goldie, I took a look at the latest virus updates. Reading several social media posts and news reports I was, again, left with the very real awareness of the uncertainty with which we face each day. Just over halfway through my walk, I turned off the podcast I was listening to and became aware of the certainty to be found...

Check Engine Light

My sons introduced me to Volkswagens. The car I have driven for over four years was old and had 226,000 miles when I purchased it. Today, it is about to turn over 370,000 miles. While this may be the favorite car I have owned, like any car, it isn’t without headaches. Repeatedly this spring during my regular commute to the Regeneration office in Towson, MD from my home near Harrisburg, PA, the...

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