James Craig


Do I Need a Therapist?(And How to Find the Right One) 

Many men and women receive the help they need from Regeneration, but some benefit from seeing a therapist in addition to coaching and/or programs at Regeneration. In fact, many of our clients have found improved success by walking with both a Regen coach and a licensed mental health professional. This article will help you understand when you may need to find a therapist, what to look for...

Discover What’s Broken

All of us are broken sexually. This may be obvious for some readers, but this is true of everyone. Sadly, sin impacts us all, including our sexuality and the other deep aspects of our lives. We need to embrace this reality rather than fall into the trap of comparing our insides with others’ outsides. Without acknowledgement of our common heritage of sexual brokenness, shame kicks up a gear. ...

What’s Sexual Integrity?

When it comes to sex, most Christians have been taught the right actions but few have been taught to align their thoughts and desires with those actions. Even more, the primary lesson of God’s beautiful design for sexuality is almost never included. This teaching begins during childhood. What was the sex talk like for you? What’s Sexual Integrity? Were you inspired by the beauty of...

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