Josh Glaser

Josh has served on Regeneration’s staff team since 1999 and as its Executive Director since 2006. He is the creator of Awaken: Strength, Heart, Mind, and Body–a robust, year-round course for men seeking deeper union with Jesus as their way to sexual integrity. He is also the coauthor of Treading Boldly through a Pornographic World: A Field Guide for Parents (Salem Publishing, 2021). Josh is a Certified Guide with Jay Stringer’s Unwanted course, has served on Desert Stream’s Living Waters Leadership Training team, and is a student of the late John Paul II’s teachings on Theology of the Body. In addition, Josh is currently pursuing his Masters in Biblical and Theological Studies from Denver Seminary. Josh is a speaker, writer, and blogger with a pastor’s heart. He has been married to his wife, Jamie, since 2001 and together they have four daughters and a son.



Shame hurts. And when you’ve done something wrong, that’s a good thing. Like all pain, it’s meant to tell you something’s amiss and needs attention. When a splinter enters a person’s hand, pain sensors alert the person that there’s a problem by making the hand hurt. When the splinter’s removed, the wound is cleaned, and the cells regenerate, the hand no longer hurts. Likewise, when shame is...

God Doesn’t Want to Use You


If this sounds disappointing or discouraging to you, pause for a moment and consider this question: Do you think God wants you to use him? The desire to be used by God sounds good on the surface. Noble even. But it’s not what He’s after. This is good news because at our core, we don’t want to be used. We want to be loved. We want our work to matter to someone because we matter to them. We want...

Tired of Waiting for God?


Ever look around church and feel like you must be the only one who’s not getting as much from God as you want? The truth is we all long for more of God than we experience. We want God to show up, to love us in the places that yearn for Him most, to make a difference we can feel and see. Waiting for God can be like waiting for sex. (Bear with me.) Consider a bride-to-be who can’t wait to come...

Ms. Grumpy and Me


All I did was ask for half caff. Our waitress glanced toward the kitchen miserably, like I’d just added an hour’s worth of work to her day. I looked around at the spattering of others in the restaurant (hardly a rush); then, when she walked away, I leaned across the table and whispered to my friend, “She’s a grump.” Maybe. But this was also an opportunity for me, and I missed it. Two days later I...

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