Find Your Identity, and Walk in Freedom from Sexual Brokenness

Awaken is a comprehensive place for Christian men seeking to grow in Sexual Integrity.

Awaken Gives You Choices…You Pick How to Engage

Option 1

The Awaken Community

A free online community where men come together and support each other in pursuing freedom from sexual sin.

Uncover the hidden wounds, beliefs, and patterns keeping you stuck, and discover the good you didn’t know was there.

Share prayer requests, resources, and learn from Regeneration Coaches.

Option 2

The Awaken Course + Community

Online course comprised of 48 Lessons broken into 4 modules including videos, readings, reflection questions and more for men seeking a path toward sexual integrity.

Go through on your own or with a group of men you know.

Draw closer to Jesus as your source of healing by pressing into four key areas of your life: Strength, Heart, Mind, & Spirit.

$14/m, cancel anytime.

Option 3

Awaken Groups

You weren’t made for lust. You were made for love. Awaken helps you develop a vision for the man God created you to be.

Official groups that meet weekly and go through the Awaken course together led by Regen staff or vetted trained volunteers.

Experience a powerful place where accountability actually works, with a proven track record for helping men move toward sexual integrity in Jesus.

Group $100/month, and a 12 week commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Join The Community, The Course, and The Group?
Absolutely, the Awaken Groups include the course and the community.
The Course includes the Community.
The Community stands on it’s own.
When does the Awaken Group start?
The Awaken Group begins on the 1st Tuesday of January, April, July and October.

Spots are limited, if interested sign up now.

See What Others Are Saying

“We just celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary this weekend. I cannot believe what I almost lost.…Awaken was a time and a place where I truly started to see the Gospel was written for me, a sex addict, it was my story. It was a solid foundation for my recovery program. Three and a half years later I still reference the materials and recall the key quotes. I am grateful for the program and the men who built the materials.”


“I’ve only been a part of this community for a few months. And at first I was highly skeptical it was going to help me, but it is. I feel more centered, more grounded. More connected, more integrated. God is slowly and surely working on me and reminding me of who I am, using this Christ-centered, intentional community.”


Meet our amazing team

James Craig

Awaken Guide

James has a desire to help men as they seek more healing from Jesus to be the men they are created to be. More about James.

Josh Glaser

Awaken Teacher

Josh’s heart is to help men and women experience ever-deepening union with Jesus in the areas they need Him most. More about Josh.

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