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Battle Training For Men In the War Against Temptation

What Challenges Do You Face With Temptation?

Is looking at pornography a problem for you? Or do you find yourself doing something against your beliefs online or with some other person?

Have you tried to stop and found yourself still going there anyway? Do you ask yourself why and don’t have the answers or resources to see the change in your life that you want to see?

Do you want more life, joy, improved relationships and satisfaction?

Come discover one of the most effective, Christ-centered programs designed specifically to help you experience transformation in the area of sexual sin.

Battle Training For Men In The War Against Temptation is a program designed with Biblically-based proven strategies that help men struggling with sexual sin to experience change. Also, it is a program that offers much, much more specialized help for those struggling with sexual sin, than 12-step programs.

Come put into practice all that God has to offer to help experience the life and joy you are looking for.

Here’s some of what you will find at Battle Training For Men…

• Sex is relational. If there is a problem with sex, there is a problem with relationship. Battle Training For Men will help you get to the unique source of your problem so you can employ the right solution.

• God created sexual desire to be passionately satisfied in marriage. God is not a God who snuffs out passion. God wants to restore sexual desire to its good intended purpose and untwist it from sexual sin, so you can love purely and passionately.

• Battle Training For Men is a place where you can be yourself and say what’s really going on. Growth will never occur on an artificial plant. If we start where we really are, with acceptance and God’s love, God can cause growth.

• You will receive effective practical help with strategy concepts like yellow-lines, guardrails, the sexual sin cycle, escape plans, and more.

• You’ll learn how to monitor your life so you can be aware of triggers, and then manage your life more effectively by remaining in relationship instead of isolating, getting your needs met in a healthy way, and coping effectively with crisis.

• You’ll discover how to move out of the matrix of the unreal world of lust and pornography, recognize the truth, and live in reality. You’ll become more aware of what’s not true, and what is true, and improve your discernment with the thoughts that enter your mind.

• You’ll increase your vision of your true self in Christ and your understanding of the reality of your identity—which will help you improve your ability to walk in the power of God when faced with temptation.

• You’ll develop your relationship with God and your walk with Him. The Word says, ”If we walk by the Spirit, we will not carry out the desire of the flesh.“ You’ll learn to develop your intimacy and walk with God in the fire of temptation, frustrations, crises, conflicts, anger, hurt, loneliness, failure and stress, so that you can walk in love instead of lust.

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Do you want more life, joy, improved relationships and satisfaction?

Call 410-661-0284, ext .1, or click this link to access our contact page, today for more information, or to enroll.




I came feeling broken and rejected, regularly struggling with lust and porn. Now I’m connected in relationship with God and my brothers, with this purposeful journey of Christ likeness. — Owen

The candor of the participants was surprising, and I discovered deep scriptural truths from the material. There was time to listen to the Holy Spirit, along with practical approaches to dealing with the everyday temptations that had gripped me. For me, this was a place of learning, confessing, healing, and opening a new door wide for conversational with God. — Clay

My experience at Regeneration changed how I view my wife, my daughters, and all women. I discovered that Christ is available for intimacy, and that in that intimacy He will deliver men from the bondage of sexual addiction. — Erik

Before coming, I was unable to talk about my struggle with same-sex attraction. The men in my group became glimpses of heaven to me as they listened and affirmed that I can be fully known and fully loved. I realized that my shame and self-loathing was a lie, not the answer. After 28 years in the church, I experienced for the first time the power of Jesus Christ and the intense, pursuing love of the Father. — Paul

My whole life had been around ministry, but I was empty. I’d buried and kept secret for 40 years my experience of being molested repeatedly growing up. Before I came to group, I experienced panic attacks, guilt, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness. I was out of control with porn and sexual encounters with men and women. I started sharing things I’ve never shared with anybody before. I feel safe, not judged. God is working through my weaknesses and empowering me to walk in freedom. — Jeff

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