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Relationships and sexuality are areas of life that can be beautiful or confusing, life-giving, or painful.

Becoming Whole is a conversational podcast for men, women, and families seeking to draw nearer to Jesus as they navigate topics like sexual integrity, relational healing, spiritual health, and so much more.

Let’s dive in!

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Love without compromise

I am so impressed that love is so clearly the main message and yet truth is never compromised. Jesus never left anyone He encountered in their sin. Thank you for speaking truth.



Absolutely the best thing I could listen to on my drive to work each morning. So much truth.



I heard Josh Glaser as a guest on another podcast I was subscribed to and his insights into addictions made so much sense to me . I looked him up and that led me to this podcast . I love the message. Keep going , you are making a difference .


I’ll keep coming back!

I loved the analogy Josh used this week of a piano player being free when they sit down at a piano not in spite of but because of their years of practice and dedication. Each week Josh and Kit give sound wisdom on many different aspects of life and relationships that points to the beauty and goodness of what God has for us. They don’t shy away from tough topics but make space to talk about the complexities. These conversations aren’t driven by fear but spoken with hope and purpose. I’ll keep coming back each week!


Meaningful, humble, honest.

Managing the sexual arena of life is important. I was not hearing the narrative helpful for me in popular culture so after some searching, I found this podcast. This is an outstanding place to hear perspectives that step way outside the lines of what is being said in mainstream media. Relevant and hopeful, this is WELL WORTH my time.

david f, Flint

Josh and Matthew

So humble and real on the topic of manhood.


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