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Necessary Nakedness


One of our greatest and deepest human needs is to be naked. We were not created to hide ourselves, whether behind clothes, possessions, achievements, or titles. Nor were we made to hide behind silence, small talk, anger, a smile, or busyness. We were made to be naked and unashamed, yet in this fallen world, we also know instinctively we need to be clothed, to be covered somehow. We’re not in Eden...

Pure What?


Before I came to Regeneration, my accountability partners and I regularly talked about pursuing purity. Interestingly, though, none of us ever asked what exactly we meant. What I was after was a complete absence of sexual sin. That was my definition of purity. I’d say something very different today. (As a matter of fact, I’m about to.) Purity is not primarily about an absence of something sinful...

Body Required


Love is not true love apart from the body. This doesn’t align with the Western way we talk about love. For us, we can view our bodies as an optional part of love. As though the sentiment or the idea of love is adequate. Not so with Jesus. True love requires that our bodies be involved, that we get up out of our armchairs and be about the business of actively loving, as a verb. When my kids want...



More than any other time in the history of the world, we have an incredible capacity to share our lives with others. But are we losing something?



The post below is adapted from Josh Glaser’s address at Regeneration’s annual fundraiser in Baltimore. To stake a claim is to announce that something belongs to you. In some times and places, a person would come upon a piece of land, and they’d place rocks or drive stakes in the ground, marking out that plot as their own. This same thing happens in individual’s lives. In my life, in...

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