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Less Love?


There’s an increasing amount of cultural pressure to reject the traditional Christian teaching that sex and marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman. Compelling arguments abound. One I hear repeatedly is this: God is big enough and loving enough to embrace all kinds of love, not just heterosexual love. Almost every time I hear this, I find myself taken aback, stumbling a bit...

Humble. Receptive.


How do you handle stress? I usually have one of two reactions. The first is to try to work harder and go faster. Forget asking for help, forget prayer, just put your head down and run forward until the job is done. The second is to back away from whatever it is that’s producing the stress. I shut down, check out, procrastinate, make excuses. Again, forget asking for help, just busy yourself with...

No More Mr. Elsewhere


I’ve got a place I want to spend more time in 2014. And I want to invite you to join me. The place is right here, right now. Wherever that may be. I’ve begun to notice that I spend an incredible amount of time “elsewhere”—that space so many of our hearts and minds go that’s not where we are. I go elsewhere when I focus on what I’d like to have and miss what I do have. Like when at 6 p...

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