Living Beyond the Law


As a man who has dealt with habitual sexual sin, and as one who has ministered to hundreds of men and women living in the grip of sex addiction, these passages from Romans, the one at the top of the page from Galatians, and others like them, have perplexed me. Theologically, and logically, what does it mean to say that we are no longer under the law, or going further, what does it mean that the...

Emotional Longing in Men


We have long recognized that the homosexual drive is not, at its root, sexual. The drive gains its direction and power from certain things inside a person, in many cases unmet needs or fears. Not always, but most often, in men it is an unmet need or a deficit, and in women, it is a fear. This article will deal solely with male homosexuality because I am going to discuss an unmet need that comes...

A Condition Rooted in Fear


Fear is a key factor in the development of both male and female homosexuality. It follows then that overcoming fear is a key factor in gaining freedom from homosexuality. Specifically, the fear found so often in the male homosexual condition is the fear of being a man, and the fear found so often in the female homosexual condition is the fear of being a woman. In a fallen world, it is common to...

The Prison of Self-Protection


“They can’t hurt me. Nobody can hurt me.” I don’t know how old I was when I spoke those words to myself—maybe five or six—but they were powerful words, ones that would guide my life for the next thirty years. Partly reacting to my father’s ongoing battle with deep depression, I spoke those words one night as I listened to my parents fight verbally with each other. The words reflected a...

Objectifying Subjectivity


These last two years have been emotionally quite challenging for me. This was especially so this past March when, as the result of a violent auto accident, my mom died and my father developed dementia due to a lack of oxygen to his brain. As painful as this has been for me, my parents’ accident is just one example of emotional difficulty I’ve experienced this past year. It seems I have been...

Love Casts Out…Insecurity


Do you ever question your value and worth as a person? I do, and far more frequently than I care to admit. During the past few years, God has been trying to show me how extremely valuable I am. Although I want to base my value and worth on what God says, rather than on what other people say or how well I perform or function, it is extremely challenging to change how I’ve done things for most of...

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