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Who Told You

“Who told you that you were naked?” It’s a bit of an odd question for God to ask Adam, isn’t it? Actually, I think He asks you and me something very similar. We’ll benefit greatly to listen. When I was… Read More »Who Told You


A change in my thinking helped me more fully welcome a fatherless boy into my home. My friend has given deep mercy to a once-hardened man.

Weary of Temptation?

Reality is, suffering is a part of life in a fallen world, whether you choose to give in to temptation or resist it. As a friend of mine put it to me recently, the options aren’t suffering or freedom from suffering, the options are suffering or redemptive suffering.

Is Sin Important to Jesus?

Sin is important to Jesus, but this is misleading unless you understand why it’s important to him: Sin is important to Jesus because you are important to Jesus.