Intimacy and Identity


If You Don’t Need Mercy


The word “sin” has fallen out of favor. We talk about struggles, brokenness, or unwanted behaviors (words we use all the time at Regen), but acknowledging sin actually opens us to divine mercy in a different, much-needed, way. I think most of us have a love-hate relationship with mercy. We love mercy because we need it, and we hate mercy for the same reason. The fact that God is merciful is...

A Lenten Meditation


Friends, this is our 200th episode! That’s 200 conversations and teachings we hope have accompanied, encouraged, and equipped you on your journey to Becoming Whole. At Regeneration Ministries, we believe the trial you’re struggling with can serve as a holy invitation from God to know Him more deeply.  While these episodes aren’t meant to be substitutes for coaching, they can certainly...

Freedom through Fasting


If you accept the invitation, Lent can be so much more than a countdown to Easter. It is a season steeped in rich tradition. Fasting is one way to observe Jesus’ walk to the cross. But this tradition goes beyond depriving yourself of food or alcohol. Specifically, for you, as you journey to sexual integrity, fasting can be a powerful way to grow in self-control. What initially feels like denying...

If You Want Freedom from Lust, Then Practice Fasting


Lent is a great season to practice fasting, and fasting is a great weapon against lust. What’s the connection? And does it really help? Adam and Eve ate from the tree that God had forbidden because the serpent convinced them it would give them what they wanted. Since then, all of us have grasped to fill eternal, infinite longings with immediate, finite things. Lust is one example. Finite things...

Could You Be Avoiding God?


After indulging in sin, I can find it hard to face God. You can probably relate. But I find that our tendency to avoid Him actually permeates a lot of life for more of us than we’d like to admit. God desires something better for us. But the way is dangerous. It seems our unconscious methods for avoiding God’s face are endless. Have you considered what ways you may subtly or not-so-subtly try to...

Your Invitation this Lent


As we step into the season of Lent, maybe you’re feeling a sense of somberness.  That’s understandable considering Lent walks us through Jesus’ journey to the cross. It also walks us to a confrontation with our own sin. On this episode of “Becoming Whole”, listen in as Josh juxtaposes Simon’s first meeting with Jesus and his last.  There’s an invitation within this season and the two stories of...

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