Marriage Recovery


Navigating the Journey of Recovery Together


Communication is key in any relationship, but it becomes even more crucial in the context of recovery from sexual addiction and betrayal trauma. In this guide, we will explore the importance of healthy check-ins and effective communication in the journey toward healing and rebuilding trust in a marriage after betrayal. The Importance of Check-Ins in Recovery Effective communication in a...

Understanding Betrayal Trauma and Navigating Disclosure in Marriage


In the journey towards healing and restoration in marriage, it is essential to address the complex dynamics of betrayal trauma and the process of disclosure. Betrayal trauma arises when a spouse discovers the existence of sexual behavior, lies, or deceit in the marriage. This trauma can profoundly impact the betrayed spouse, leading to emotional distress and reshaping their perception of reality...

Rebuilding Trust After Infidelity: A Journey Towards Integrity and Wholeness


July 25th 2023 #269: Rebuilding Trust After Infidelity Join us for this heart-felt episode where we explore the arduous journey of rebuilding marital faithfulness after infidelity. This is a must-hear for those eager to regain a spouse’s trust after being unfaithful. Subscribe Apple Podcasts Spotify YouTube Channel Google Podcasts Overcast PocketCasts In this episode, we discuss the...

Engage Your Story


The work of Engaging your Story is a doorway to experiencing God’s forgiveness. Understanding your story gives you new ways for your brain and body and heart to work in concert with God’s will again. Engaging your story involves all of you. It means pulling a memory from your brain, unlocking it from your heart, feeling it in your body and then sharing it with another person. You are created to...

Deepening Your Connection: Exploring the 6 Sides of Intimacy in Marriage


ABOUT THE EPISODE Are you ready to unlock the secrets of true intimacy in your marriage? Join us on this eye-opening episode of Sacred By Design, where we peel back the layers of intimacy, diving deeper than just the physical aspect. We discuss the six aspects of intimacy – emotional, physical, sexual, intellectual, recreational, and spiritual – and reveal how understanding and nurturing these...

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