Desire is one of those touchy subjects no one really wants to touch. But we’re going there. Depending on the way you were raised; you might consider desire to be mysterious or dirty or something to be quiet about. In this audio snippet from our latest video, Kit and Rebecca are putting the subject of desire front and center. That deep down longing is part of your special wiring and it is worth...

Healthy Touch


We are designed for hugs and holding hands and more. Touch IS a good gift from God. Healthy touch! Maybe this truth has you clenching your jaw but don’t be too quick to run away from this conversation. Your current sexual addiction or your past sexual trauma may have twisted the idea of touch into dark confusion and shame. If so, please stay. Perhaps you’re one of the many people during this...

Healing from Abuse: A Personal Story


Abuse is a powerful weapon; destroying its victim’s sense of value and robbing their voice. Years of ongoing physical, emotional, and sexual abuse had reduced Bonnie’s voice to a mere whisper. In this episode of “Becoming Whole,” we are honored to let Bonnie use her voice to tell her story. The fact that Bonnie would sit at a microphone to share with you reveals the triumph of her healing...

6 Reasons God Hasn’t Removed Your Temptations


I’ve met a number of people who have been frustrated to find that, even though they’ve prayed and prayed that God would remove their temptations, their temptations persist. Why is this? Have they done something wrong? Do they lack faith? Are they resisting temptation in vain? Has God forsaken them?  If you can relate either personally or because you have a loved one who continues to struggle...

What Do You Do When Hope Disappoints


When it comes to sexual integrity, hope matters. It matters a lot. Whether the issue is abstaining from sex until marriage, resisting temptation today, or investing time and resources in order to heal and grow, we need hope that there is good up ahead. But what do you do when you’ve been abstaining, or resisting, or investing, and you find yourself disappointed? • What do you do when you’ve saved...

Recognizing a Destructive Marriage


Can you recognize a destructive relationship? No relationship is perfect. But, we’re talking about more than just feeling disappointed. Can you tell the difference between a difficult relationship and one that is tearing you down? In this episode of “Becoming Whole,” Josh and Kit identify patterns to look for and unpack what they mean. Our deepest desire is to be known and loved. At a deep level...

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