Sometimes You Gotta Fight


I want to talk today about a little bit of a dichotomy that a lot of people experience in their journey towards sexual integrity. If you’ve listened to this podcast for any length of time, or been involved in our coaching, groups, or events, I hope that you’ve picked up on the reality that we seek to bring the love and grace of God into all things. We believe that real life change...

Behold the Man


If you are tuning into this podcast you are either wrestling with or striving for sexual integrity or love someone who is struggling with sexual integrity, or you just care about this topic. I believe as we take a look at a small part in Jesus’ life we find a very big revelation. God had a design for human beings. They were designed to reflect the image of the invisible God. That image of...

Searching for God in the Good of Sex


When we are pursuing sexual integrity, we all experience this mental combat between sexual sin and our desire for sexual integrity. It’s not just an experience we have in our thought life alone. We feel it in our bodies when they become aroused by things we see, the thoughts we have, and by the longings we have. One of the ways we try to combat and move away from our sexual orientations is...

3 Quick and Easy Mental Shifts to Help You Grow


In today’s podcast, I have three simple mental shifts to help you grow. These three simple changes you can make will help you in your journey toward sexual integrity. It is my aim that these small mental adjustments will help you see how you should approach your journey for sexual integrity in a fresh light. Mental Shifts: From “this as an opportunity to sin” to “this as...

Stop Trying to Stop Lusting


Have you ever wanted to stop something so badly, yet couldn’t figure out how to stop. Or even why? Have you tried to stop lusting? In this weeks podcast, just speaks to the importance of learning to love in recovery from unwanted sexual behavior, rather than just focusing on stopping the behavior. Key takeaways: The goal of recovery should be to learn to love in a self-giving way, rather...

Exposing the Online God


Living in a digital age, we are faced with the reality that we have tough competition. That the internet is competing for our attention, our affection, for our questions, and our devotion.Today we will talk about this competition and what it provides; especially in the area of sexual integrity. Whether it’s a struggle with pornography, or looking for hookups. So often, we are turning...

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