Healthy Touch


We are designed for hugs and holding hands and more. Touch IS a good gift from God. Healthy touch! Maybe this truth has you clenching your jaw but don’t be too quick to run away from this conversation. Your current sexual addiction or your past sexual trauma may have twisted the idea of touch into dark confusion and shame. If so, please stay. Perhaps you’re one of the many people during this...

Waiting for Healing


An anonymous question came in through the Regeneration Ministries blog setting the stage for this conversation “…Why does God set one free from sin and stronghold immediately and not another?“ Why are we waiting for healing and other’s aren’t? If you keep struggling with sexual sin and have watched others gain freedom; that can feel hard. On this episode of “Becoming Whole,” Josh...

Healing from Abuse: A Personal Story


Abuse is a powerful weapon; destroying its victim’s sense of value and robbing their voice. Years of ongoing physical, emotional, and sexual abuse had reduced Bonnie’s voice to a mere whisper. In this episode of “Becoming Whole,” we are honored to let Bonnie use her voice to tell her story. The fact that Bonnie would sit at a microphone to share with you reveals the triumph of her healing...

How to Suffer Well


Life with Jesus does not mean a life without suffering.   So, how do we learn How to suffer well?  Now, maybe that’s what you were taught or maybe you just assumed it to be true. Let’s face it, the typical American dream version of Christianity can paint a pain-free picture. But as you know, suffering is a reality. The world’s message about pain doesn’t set us up well either. We...

A Deeper Kind of Friendship


Your Bro’s, Your Girls, Your Tribe, Your Squad – No matter what you call it, you need a deeper kind of friendship. You and I are wired for connection. Friendship is a special kind of relationship that builds intimacy and brings fun while giving us some footing in this world. Rebecca Baker joins Josh and Kit on the podcast today to unwrap the gift of friendship. You’ll hear how true friends...

When Temptation Gets Loud


“I want what I want.” There it is; Temptation is calling. You’re in deep and need an escape. But, you’ve made a commitment to stop. Desire can flip the switch on commitment, detouring your willpower and ushering shame in like a tidal wave. It’s powerful that way but in moments of temptation, you may forget you have power too. In this episode of “Becoming Whole,” Josh and Kit offer you a pro...

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