Intimacy and Singleness (Yes, You Can Have Both!)


The scene is familiar to many of us singles: sitting in church on a Sunday, hearing more about the wonderful gift of marriage and the intimate connection it offers. It’s easy to feel deprived or lesser than, like we’re waiting for the day God will finally give us a taste of that intimacy we see married couples experience. We long for that intimacy, we hunger for it–yet it can seem so...

Netflix vs. Jesus


If there were a battle between Netflix and Jesus, who would win? I think it depends on what we’re expecting God to be and do for us. God’s not a vending machine. There’s no “on-demand” feature with Him, even if I’m willing to pay extra to expedite my order. The pace of culture has gotten exponentially faster. I want satisfaction and I want it now. God’s never seemed to operate on our preferred...

Podcast: It’s Important to Fight Fair


Episode 72 – It’s Important to Fight Fair Join Josh and kit as they discuss why it’s important to fight and especially to fight fair. Highlights: arguing does NOT mean failure working towards restoring the relationship is what matters when you sincerely listen to someone, that’s a gift. Mentioned: John Gottman – The Four Horsemen
Thanks for joining us. We would be honored...

Consecrating Singleness


Josh, Kyle, & Bob finish our series on singleness by casting vision for a bigger picture of singleness. They challenge us to set our eyes on God instead of only our sins and brokenness, and go on to discuss what it means to consecrate one’s singleness to the Lord. They call us to give ourselves more fully to Jesus, entrusting Him with our whole being. Click for Full Podcast Transcription Josh...

Podcast: Singleness and the Church


Josh, Kyle, and Bob continue our series on Singleness with a sober conversation on the church’s view of singleness. Without shaming ‘matchmakers’, they seek a balanced position, acknowledging that some singles are called to marriage and that some are called to singleness. They also talk about the ways that the Church often idolizes marriage. Overall, they discuss that becoming married does not...

Singleness and Dealing with Loneliness


Josh, Kyle, and Bob continue our series on Singleness by diving into identity and the way single people see themselves. They encourage singles to dive into faulty views that aren’t from God about identity, especially in the reality of loneliness. Singles to seek out Jesus and others and allow God to work in the ache of loneliness without wallowing in it. Click for Full Podcast Transcription Josh...

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