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Coaching For You For Others

Regeneration’s coaching services are for leaders, pastors, counselors, parents, and anyone else who wants help addressing issues of identity, sexuality, intimacy, purity, and habitual sin for those they lead.

Often, Regeneration is brought into a coaching context when there’s a presenting issue or problem to solve. We are happy to serve when this happens. But we also help leaders before they know about “issues” to help give them language and approaches to addressing these topics with clarity, health, honesty, and poise.


Whether from the pulpit or in pastoral counseling environments, knowing how to address adults and kids who are dealing with sensitive issues is a skill that can make you much more effective in your role.

“This ministry has been a source of hope, training and inspiration.” – Pat Goodman, Men’s Ministry Pastor at Grace Fellowship Church, Young Life National Training Associate


You remember being a kid and all the questions and struggles that entailed. Now throw in changing cultural norms, the Internet, and mobile devices, and you have a parenting environment that might be more difficult than ever. We are here to help you parent well in important dimensions.


You are already well skilled in so many dimensions of psychology and helping your clients. If you’d like to broaden your skills to include more sexuality, identity, or relational intimacy focuses, we can help you.

Regeneration coaching rates vary between $50-$100/hour based on type of engagement. We also offer speakers and customized seminars for your organization. Contact us for more information.

If you are a pastor, leader, or parent who is struggling with your own sexual sin or relational brokenness, Regeneration is available for confidential, compassionate, and effective help and support. We offer individual counseling and group programs.

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