Coaching is a sacred journey.

We all struggle at times. Spiritual coaching can help you to find God in your struggles and to trust Him more deeply.

Our spiritual coaching is Christ-centered, biblically-based, and clinically informed.

Your journey toward wholeness begins with choosing to take that first step. We’re here to support you every step of the way. Working with a Regeneration coach can help you resolve current relational, sexual or emotional struggles by looking more deeply into your relationship with God, others, and yourself.

Uncover Blind Spots

Discover what has led you here and what holds you back from the life you desire.

Heal Hurts

We all have wounds, and whether they’re big or small, they often require healing before we can move forward.

Build a Plan

Set a course away from unwanted behaviors and toward the freedom and goodness God has for you.

Become More Whole

As you take this journey, you’ll find yourself becoming more free, more joyous, and more whole.

Coaching FAQ

What is spiritual coaching versus therapy?

Regeneration spiritual coaching is a journey toward wholeness that is Christ-centered, biblically-based, and clinically informed, where therapy offers mental health and emotional healing support by professional mental health clinicians licensed by the state in which they practice (only licensed mental health professionals can give a mental health diagnosis).

How much does coaching cost?

The initial intake session is FREE! Schedule a sessions with us today.

Individual coaching is currently $95 for each 50-minute session. Couples coaching with one coach is $120 for each 50-minute session and for couples meeting two coaches each client is billed the cost of a regular session.

Men’s Coaching

Every man is unique, and men’s coaching provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to explore your story and struggles with a specialized coach who can help you draw nearer to Jesus, walk free from unwanted behaviors, and love more like Him.

Women’s Coaching

Women’s coaching can be the first step to fully understanding you are made to be loved. Accepting the invitation on this sacred journey deepens intimacy with Jesus, heals wounds, and moves you towards greater dignity and freedom.

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