Adam and Eve didn’t know it was a lie, of course. It was spoken as truth. And the one who spoke it seemed to have their best interest in mind, seemed to know about such things.

What’s more, every other tree they’d eaten from was good. Surely you won’t die did seem to resonate with their experience, limited though it was.

In our day, new ideas swirl about us like autumn leaves when the wind blows, and masses grab hold, believing. A few in the swirl that seem to go unquestioned:

  • More money means improved quality of life.
  • Fame is worth seeking.
  • Faster, portable technology means more time to do what we love.

I’m not saying these are all false, but ideas, once agreed with, have power to shape our lives, our relationships, and our world for good or for ill.  So we do well to examine the ideas floating through our minds before we agree with them, or to re-examine those that have already found harbor within us.

Because giving your assent to something false binds you to it in subtle but sometimes profoundly destructive ways. It’s known as an unholy agreement, and it can affect (or infect) what you think, how you feel, and what you do or don’t do.

Here are a few more common to people who come to Regeneration:

  • I can’t take this marriage any longer.
  • I was born gay and I’ll always be gay.
  • If anyone really knew me, they’d reject me.
  • If given the opportunity, I’ll always fall.
  • I can’t stand being alone.
  • I’ll never be able to change.

Thoughts like these resonate with people’s experience. But the cross of Christ has power to break these agreements. And to undo their destructive influence in a person’s life.

If we’ll let Him, God will expose the subtle lies we’ve been harboring in our hearts. He’ll do so in order that we would come into agreement with Him once more. He’ll do so that we might live free!

What untrue idea have you harbored in your heart about God, others, or yourself?

Would you be willing to stand before the cross of Christ and renounce that agreement?

If so, try this:

  1. Find one or two others to pray with you.
  2. Confess the lie you’ve believed.
  3. Pray, “In the authority of Jesus Christ, I renounce this agreement and break all ties with it.
  4. Don’t be surprised if you experience resistance and need to repeat this, especially with lies you’ve lived under for a long time.

I’ve found this incredibly freeing in my own life. I think you will, too.

Question: What are some other common ‘unholy agreements’ floating around in our culture today? Leave a comment below.


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By Josh Glaser

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