I recently had the occasion to purchase a new vehicle. There are a number of safety features I’ve not had in previous cars. I get a warning when someone or something suddenly crosses in the front of the car while driving or while backing up. The car brakes for me if I approach a vehicle in front of me at a high rate of speed to prevent a rear-end accident. I’m alerted when cars are in my blind spots.

The one feature that has captured my attention is the Lane Departure Warning (LDW). Any time I begin to drift out of my lane, the car begins to beep and an icon flashes on the instrument panel to show me if I’m drifting to the left or right. I initially thought this was the most annoying thing ever because if any part of my tire slightly touches the lane line alarms start going off, however; the Lord chose to use this to bring spiritual truth to mind.

There have been times in my life when I have drifted. Sometimes knowingly and sometimes it felt like I stumbled into a place I didn’t intend to be. Things like lingering sexual thoughts, watching programs with sexual content or objectifying someone attractive. If you’re like me you might be thinking, “I could use an internal Lane Departure Warning.” God gently reminded me that the Holy Spirit who lives in me is my personal LDW. If I drift while I’m driving it usually means I am distracted. I’ve taken my eyes off of the road to adjust the temperature in the car or to see why my phone just beeped. When I get distracted by life issues, TV, or the day-to-day things that need to be done, I have a tendency to drift. When I forget about the power within me and focus on other things, it is difficult to hear the warning that I’ve veered off course.

As a believer, it’s wonderful to have a spiritual Lane Departure Warning because it’s not just an annoying alarm telling us we’ve done something wrong. It’s a voice of encouragement and comfort. A voice that cheers us on. One that keeps us safe.

So, be honest with God when you’re too tired to do your daily devotion. Let Him know when you’re being drawn to another in an unhealthy way. Speak to him about your desire to look at porn to take your mind off of the stress of the day. Your spiritual LDW will help you hear God’s words of comfort and encouragement. LDW’s may be optional equipment in most cars, but it’s standard equipment for those who follow Christ.

Has your spiritual Lane Departure Warning felt like condemnation?

What helps you to remember God’s passionate love for you and his desire to keep you safe instead of believing the lies of the enemy? Feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.



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  • I know, He knows what’s best for me. At times, I tend to not listen to that gut feeling I have (Aka. God) & do things my way. This never ends well. I want to hear the voice of God more clearly and it does not feel like condemnation to me.

  • Thanks Kyle for the reminder of how we can often drift.I can relate do well.Satan is certainly a deceiver but thank God for His wonderful Holy Spirit warnings.The more than the second look, the allure of certain music and yes the barrage of social media and TV.Discernment is crucial.Thanks again and God bless.Keep up the faithful work in Christ Jesus.

By Kyle Bowman

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