When I slow down enough to look closely, I marvel at God’s choices in the design of the universe. I mean, it’s not like he pulled all this out of an Ikea box and followed step-by-step drawings to put everything together.

He created from scratch, with infinite possibilities before him.

How did he come up with breath? Why did he choose blue for the sky? Did he ever consider a different sound for an ocean wave?

And why did he link sex and new life?

Think about that for a minute. By God’s intentional design, perhaps the most euphoric sensation a man or woman can feel on the planet is connected to conception, the start of every new life.

  • He could have made it so babies would grow from trees like fruit. If you wanted a baby, you’d plant a baby tree, wait a few years, and then one summer you’d find out just how many babies you had.
  • He could have designed it so babies would mysteriously wash in from the ocean and couples would make pilgrimage to the shore to become parents.
  • Or, of course, he could have opted for storks to collect babies from clouds and hand (um, beak) deliver them to waiting parents below.

He had endless possibilities, and he created men’s and women’s bodies to fit together physically, for that union to feel incredibly good, and for it to be the miraculous ground from which a new human being would begin.

In a pornified culture, it’s easy to miss this. Easy to shy away from any hint of implicating God with nakedness, kissing, penetration, and climax. This is stuff Christians don’t think about, right?

But this is God’s design, his idea. If anyone should be talking about such things, it’s those who believe in a loving, intentional, involved Creator God.

The truth is, he’s not embarrassed by how good sex feels. And he’s not embarrassed about where babies come from. He thought it up, designed every detail, created every part on purpose with something special in mind.

If we push God away from all this, we miss that God designed it this way to tell us something. We’re created in his image, after all. We can look at our design, and if we’ll accept it, discover something about him.

In this case, I think we’re supposed to glimpse how joyous, how ecstatic he feels about creating us. Sex between husband and wife is meant to be an experiencing of this glimpse into his heart for people.

I can’t help but wonder what our disconnection from this has done to our own sense of worth, dignity, and inherent beauty.

I can’t help but wonder what might be different if every child grew up with a felt sense that they came about from a mom and a dad who love the heck out of each other, and from an infinite God who was euphoric thinking about the day his or her life would begin.

Glad you’re here,

Thanks For Reading.

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