Go toward the Miracle


#300: Go toward the Miracle

As we gather to honor a significant landmark, our 300th episode, I’m filled with gratitude for you, our loyal listeners, whose footsteps have journeyed alongside mine in this quest of faith and healing. 

Today’s episode centers on the inspiring account of Jairus from Luke 8, a narrative that resonates deeply for those entwined in the arduous struggle for sexual integrity. 

Through his story, we find the strength to envision a life untethered from the chains of our battles, and we celebrate the triumph of belief over the shadows of fear. I am humbled to share this episode with you as we peer into the intimate struggles that shape our identity and the courageous steps we can take toward liberation and wholeness.

As we bid farewell for a brief hiatus, poised to return with hearts and minds rejuvenated, I invite you to revisit the wealth of wisdom nestled in our past episodes. Let this milestone episode serve as a beacon of hope, urging you to cling to faith and step forward into the miraculous, even when each stride feels like a venture into the unknown. Let us unite in prayer for the courage to believe and the resolve to follow Jesus into the extraordinary, and may this be the moment where we collectively muster the faith to witness the unfolding of miracles in our lives. Thank you for the shared devotion that has been the lifeblood of Becoming Whole, and for the stories, we have yet to tell.

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1 comment

  • Bless You Josh
    I just listened to your 300th episode. It was as if you were speaking about me and discribing where I am today. Thanks for this message, and because of it I am been given His Holy Strength. I will continue to persever in my struggle to be pure.

    I hve had this unwanted sex since I 3yo and I am now 81. I was reped twice at the age of 14, then 6mo later I was secuded by a petaphile. I was straving for male bonding since by own father never bonded with me. I was the perfect child (asthma, allergies) always needing medical attention. My father was a perfectionist and I did not messure up. Totally ignored me. With the attention these men gave me I found the bonding I needed was with them (even if was only for 15mins to 1 hour). Bad attention is attentioon.

    You pod broadcast hit my in my frozen heart. Bod bless you and this ministry,
    Dave <

By Josh Glaser

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