As we continue toward Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I’m remembering Jesus’ final journey toward Jerusalem.

He did not walk unwittingly into a trap. His arrest was not a surprise. Each gospel writer makes clear that Jesus purposed to go to the cross. He traveled to Jerusalem not merely facing the risk of crucifixion, He traveled to Jerusalem precisely for crucifixion.

Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem to be executed was, as Fleming Rutledge writes, “the willed culmination of that life of self-giving for our good.”

And yet, we missed it. We didn’t see it coming.

No one did. The religious leaders plotting against him didn’t know. The Roman authorities who would carry out his execution didn’t know. His closest friends, family, and students—even those who believed he was the Messiah, the very Son of God—even these didn’t fully understand who he was or what he was about to do.

As forthcoming as Jesus was about his immanent arrest and death, he kept the full extent of who he was and what he was about to accomplish hidden.

Many stories tell of rulers who hid their true identities and intentions from their subjects: perhaps to have a day out of the spotlight, to learn what it’s like to live as a commoner, to learn what those under their rule really felt about them, or to protect themselves from an enemy.

With Jesus, it was not for his own gain that he veiled his glory, power, and beauty. He wasn’t taking a day off, gaining perspective, spying on us, or hiding himself from danger.

Jesus didn’t hide from danger. He was hidden in the midst of danger, “even unto death and death on a cross” (Phil. 2:8).

All the fullness of His Godhood, hidden. For our sake, to save us.

This Thursday, I hope you’ll join us for Hidden, Regeneration’s annual Baltimore dessert fundraiser. It will be an evening of fellowship, dessert, worship, and stories as we lift high this Jesus and celebrate what he has done.

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See you Thursday!

P.S. For more information or to register for this Thursday’s dessert in Timonium, MD, click here. Or if you’re unable to attend, you can be a part of the evening by making secure online donation here. Please type “Hidden” in the comment field. Thank you!

P.P.S. For more information or to register for Into His Marvelous Light, our April 29 reception in McLean, VA, click here.

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  • I can vouch for the amazing testimonies and presence of God you will experience at the dessert banquet. I’ve attended many, and even though I have been in various Regeneration programs several years, I am always inspired how God is bringing healing and wholeness through Regen, the staff and volunteers.
    Come, meet some potential new friends, learn more about Regeneration and enjoy some DELICIOUS desserts. There are even some sugar-free desserts for those counting calories 🙂

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