If You Want to Be Beautiful



Then you’re tapped into a holy desire.

Wanting to be beautiful is different than wanting to look beautiful. Wanting to look beautiful can be driven by vanity—an impulse to get noticed, to be admired, to draw people to yourself. In short, this is a desire to be attractive. And it’s a trap, a snare on the path to true beauty.

If you sense a longing to be beautiful, don’t try to fulfill it in front of the mirror. There’s nothing wrong with a makeover, a gym membership, or a new suit. But none of this is the sum of the beauty you’re after.
There’s another name for this kind of beauty. It’s called goodness.

Haven’t you met people you found “attractive,” but your sense of their beauty soured as you got to know them?

And likewise, don’t you know people who were unimpressive at first glance but as you spent time with them, their beauty became undeniable to you?

Jesus is this kind of beautiful. And if you’ll let him, he can make you beautiful, too.

I’d love your input:  Do you agree that deep down we’re not so much after looking beautiful as we are being beautiful? If so, why do you think we settle for the appearance of beauty? Leave a comment below.

After beauty,

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By Josh Glaser

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