Looking for Life


This morning, before heading out the door for my second walk with my dog, Goldie, I took a look at the latest virus updates. Reading several social media posts and news reports I was, again, left with the very real awareness of the uncertainty with which we face each day.

Just over halfway through my walk, I turned off the podcast I was listening to and became aware of the certainty to be found when I turn off the noise.

Even with my earbuds still in my ears, I could hear the birds chirping. No one told them to be anxious or afraid. The blowing wind caressed my face as I heard it rustle through the trees and blow leaves across the pavement. Bright colors burst from the flowers on bushes and trees. Other things remain constant as I walked with Goldie…she is going to try to eat things she shouldn’t and little dogs will bark at her incessantly.

Then, as I was almost to my house, I saw a tree that had been trimmed. Weeks earlier there were no signs of life on the tree limbs. But now there were shoots emerging from the limbs with leaves bursting forth. In order for these shoots to emerge, there had to be life coursing through what had been left behind.

I don’t know how you need to be encouraged today. There are times that I don’t know how I need to be encouraged.

But I will say this. Take hope. Know that even while we face uncertain days and our newsfeeds and social media is full of fear, anxiety, and even death, there is life to be found, even if it is not visible to your eyes.

“Give your entire attention to what God is doing right now, and don’t get worked up about what may or may not happen tomorrow. God will help you deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes.” – Matthew 6:34 (The Message)

As the trimmed tree had new life growing from its previously barren limbs, where are you experiencing new life and growth in your life during this time that can feel barren when we are not intentionally looking for life?

In Him,

Dan Keefer, M.A., Spiritual Coach, Regeneration Ministries

Thanks For Reading.

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  • Great reminder! A few weeks ago I was encouraged by the same things as you. They reminded me that the cycles of creation, over which we have no control, remain consistent, challenging me with the reality that the God of creation is unchanging and in control.

  • Thank you for this encouraging post. A few weeks ago I was meditating on the passage in the book of John where Jesus says that He is the vine and we are the branches. At the time so much of my life was in flux with schools closing, suddenly working from home, and public places like parks and coffee shops being off limits. At the time it felt like “death by a thousand cuts”. However, I also knew that the reality was that Father God, the Master Gardener, was pruning me so that I would be more fruitful. It is still challenging, but the Lord has been showing me the good work that He is bringing about in me and my family.

By Dan Keefer

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