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Men, We’ve Got To Remember

Men have forgotten who they are.

The masses of men regularly viewing porn, sleeping around, losing all resolve at the sight of naked flesh—these reveal that on some deep level man has forgotten.

Men, you are meant for more than temptation tells you you are. Jesus did not go through such trouble to leave you gutted and groveling. He came to resurrect in you godly masculine strength—the kind loyal to Love even unto death. Jesus, the Man, leads our way.

Listen to this 8 minute audio for more.

With you,

1 thought on “Men, We’ve Got To Remember”

  1. Great perspective Josh and a good challenge for us men! I very much agree that the subtle (or not so subtle) message we often hear is that men aren’t men if they curtail their lust. But we are called to something higher. Real men sacrifice.

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