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We recently hosted Mercy That Heals: Reclaiming Our Sexuality from the Mess We’ve Made of It, a conference led by Desert Stream Ministries’ founder Andy Comiskey on October 21st-22nd, 2011 at Central Presbyterian Church, 7308 York Road, Baltimore, MD.

Whether married or single, how we live out our sexuality
can make or break our relationships.

Designed to equip pastors, train leaders, and support those seeking to learn more about how to live lives of integrity through dependence on God, Mercy That Heals emphasizes how Jesus’ powerful mercy is the basis for restoring our lives together.

Featuring Andy Comiskey:
Andy Comiskey is the founder of Desert Stream Ministries, providing
Christ-centered help for those struggling with sexual and relational
problems. Andy is the author of several books including
Strength in Weakness and Naked Surrender, both published by IV Press.

General Sessions Include: Mercy for the Religious and Rebellious, Merciful Foundations: Healing the Mother and Father Wounds, Mercy for Marriage, and Mercy from the Church

Saturday Seminars cover: Mercy for Abuse, Mercy for Pornography/Sexual Addiction, Mercy for Homosexuality, Mercy through Theology (Intro to Theology of the Body)

If you are interested in an audio copy of the conference, visit the audio/visual store at Desert Stream Ministries at to purchase a copy for $5.00.
**The audio copy of the conference that was held here in Baltimore may not be available yet on their website, but check back with Desert Stream’s website for a copy of the conference held in Baltimore hosted by Regeneration Ministries.

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Mercy that Heals is sponsored by Regeneration. Serving the Baltimore and Northern Virginia area for 30 years, Regeneration is a Christ-centered ministry that works alongside the local church to help men and women live lives of sexual integrity—from the heart.

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By Josh Glaser

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