God on the Floor


Each week I get plenty of “windshield time” as I commute to the Regeneration Ministries office in Baltimore from my home in south-central Pennsylvania. This affords me time to listen to numerous podcasts, and one I heard recently is helping me to pause and prepare during this season of Advent.

Adam Young, in his podcast, The Place We Find Ourselves, recently interviewed a young woman, KJ Ramsey, who experiences chronic debilitating suffering and pain. Her auto-immune disease started in college, and KJ shared how one day she found herself lying on the floor of the common space she shared with her roommates. One of her roommates walked in, and in a gesture of incredible compassion, joined her on the floor, sharing KJ’s suffering and pain.

An image formed in my mind of two women, sitting on the floor, holding one another, tears flowing from the eyes of both. If anyone had come upon this scene it would have been difficult to know who was the sufferer and who was the comforter.

My thoughts drifted to thinking about Christmas, Jesus, and this Advent season when we wait with expectancy for the celebration of the birth of the Messiah. Jesus left heaven and joined humanity in the flesh.

In doing so, he willingly joined us on the floor of our sin, suffering, and pain.

As you anticipate the celebration of Christ’s birth, do you find yourself on a floor physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually? Are you on one or all of these floors as a result of your unwanted sexual behavior or some other way you have sought to manage or heal your own brokenness and wounds? If so, you can be assured Jesus will meet you on the floor, even when you find this is a floor of your own making.

Maybe you find yourself on a floor as a result of someone else’s choices. You may feel betrayed, duped, or angry, or possibly all three. The emotions you feel translate into physical pain, pain that won’t go away. Jesus also meets you on the floor, placing his arm around your shoulder, entering into your pain.

Wherever you find yourself; whatever your experience; Jesus meets you and joins you. You are known. You are loved. Receive his love. Receive hope, hope that does not disappoint and never leaves you alone. He joins you on the floor.

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Dan Keefer
Men’s Ministry Leader

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By Josh Glaser

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