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What’s Sexual Integrity?


When it comes to sex, most Christians have been taught the right actions but few have been taught to align their thoughts and desires with those actions. Even more, the primary lesson of God’s beautiful design for sexuality is almost never included. This teaching begins during childhood. What was the sex talk like for you? What’s Sexual Integrity? Were you inspired by the beauty of...

Walk Don’t Run When Sexually Aroused


To start I want to let you know this podcast will be a little different. One that I hope will be helpful for you. I am going to talk about the difference between being sexually aroused and desire. The reason that’s so important for us to recognize is that when we feel arousal towards something that we know we don’t want, it can produce an amount of shame for us. If you’re pursuing sexual...

Emotional Health and Sexuality


Consider this, sexual sins are tied to our failure to manage emotions in a healthy way.  As much as sexual sins are a problem, they are ultimately a symptom of deeper wounds that God wants to heal. It takes much more than just stopping bad habits to develop sexual integrity. It means learning to care well for yourself and others, including emotionally. Do you know what the best part is...

Redefining Sexual Freedom


In your heart, what do you believe freedom from unwanted sexual behaviors looks like, feels like? In this episode of Sacred by Design, we’ll unpack the many-layered gift of true freedom. God sees you and loves you, right where you are. He is inviting you to freedom of immeasurably more than just staying within practical boundaries. Together, lets redefine freedom. Highlights: Accept the...

Sexual Integrity


What is Sexual Integrity!?! At the most basic level, sexual integrity means reserving sexual expression for a loving, life-long marriage between husband and wife, or alternatively, remaining sexually abstinent in singleness. On a deeper level, sexual integrity and wholeness is when all that makes you sexual is submitted and conformed to the self-giving love of Jesus. To become a person...

The Fruit of a Tree and Sexual Brokenness


You’ve probably heard it said here before that breaking a habit of unwanted sexual behaviors goes beyond “Behavior Management.” Setting up filters or throwing away devices might eliminate the cues to your addiction, but it still leaves you exposed. There’s deeper work to be done. Ultimately, to change your behavior you need to understand the why’s to your behavior. The actions you choose are...

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