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Parenting Toward Godly Sexuality

Parents – Your kids are able to get information on anything and everything from sources other than you.  Asking good questions, listening well, sharing your thoughts; are a few ways You can process it with them in love.

God has a good, holy, beautiful design for your child’s sexuality. And you can help them discover it.

Latest Articles for Parents

4 Reasons You Don’t Want to Talk about Sex (but Should)

4 Reasons You Don’t Want to Talk about Sex (but Should)

If aliens from outer space were to observe earth, they might get the impression that the…

Parenting Pioneers

Parenting Pioneers

Parents, we are living in a digitally connected, sexually saturated world. Being a mom or dad…

The Scary Business of Being Seen

The Scary Business of Being Seen

Have you ever considered how much power people's eyes have? Seeing is powerful. You’ve probably felt…

Latest Videos for Parents

Spiritual Coaching

More Resources for Parents

Understanding the threat of pornography – Web Sites

Understanding the threat of pornography – Books

God’s Design for Sexuality – Books

Healthy Parenting – Books

Programs for Parents

Treading Boldly Workshop

Based on his book, Treading Boldly through a Pornographic World, this workshop equips parents to walk with sons and daughters growing up in a digitally connected, porn-saturated world. The workshop covers:

  • The Bad (and Good!) News about Pornography Today
  • Why You Need to Know Your Own Story
  • Giving Your Kids a Greater, More Compelling Vision

[PG] Parental Guidance

“[PG] Parental Guidance” is Regeneration’s suite of programs and resources for parents. We help parents:

  • Explore language and strategies for talking to your kids… and listening to them.
  • Practice aiming your kids’ desires… not suppressing them.
  • Move beyond rules-based parenting while clearly communicating your standards and expectations.
  • See what’s going on in the world today (cultural norms, trends, and technology)
  • Learn what happens psychologically, physically, and emotionally inside of kids as they grow up.
  • Discover the “judo” of turning anger, resistance, and indifference into opportunities for connection with your kids.
  • Learn proven strategies to help kids make healthy choices about social media and technology (even if you’re not tech-savvy).
  • Gain practical insights into parenting when a son or daughter is already engaged in sexual behavior.
  • Connect with other parents on the same journey.

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3 thoughts on “The Scary Business of Being Seen”

  1. Great post, Josh. I’ve been experiencing healthy conviction to redouble my efforts to “live a life worthy”. Thank you for your faithful obedience and Godly insights.


  2. Wow! Great topic of being seen! I can certainly relate.The desire just to be seen and accepted by those you love. Thanks for the reminder that Jesus sees me as I am and will be without condemnation.Great reminder thanks again..

  3. Excellent post. The posts and podcasts on “consuming” others by looking at them as objects have been a great help to me in reducing such behavior. I am a bit over 11 years clean from online porn, but have had a struggle with seeing women as people first, and this post, and others, have been a help in dealing with that.

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