[PG] Parental Guidance Needed

Helping parents cultivate healthy desire in their kids.

“[PG] Parental Guidance” is Regeneration’s suite of programs and resources for parents. We help parents:

  • Explore language and strategies for talking to your kids… and listening to them.
  • Practice aiming your kids’ desires… not suppressing them.
  • Move beyond rules-based parenting while clearly communicating your standards and expectations.
  • See what’s going on in the world today (cultural norms, trends, and technology)
  • Learn what happens psychologically, physically, and emotionally inside of kids as they grow up.
  • Discover the “judo” of turning anger, resistance, and indifference into opportunities for connection with your kids.
  • Learn proven strategies to help kids make healthy choices about social media and technology (even if you’re not tech-savvy).
  • Gain practical insights into parenting when a son or daughter is already engaged in sexual behavior.
  • Connect with other parents on the same journey.


Throughout the year, Regeneration offers a series of half-day conferences and evening events, as well as topical seminars for parents who want to be an advocate and guide for their kids.

Check our events page to see what’s coming up.

To host an event, or to tailor a custom curriculum for your group, please contact us.


We want you to become your child’s greatest ally and guide in the area of sex and sexuality, identity, and healthy relationships. See our articles, videos, and audio resources on parenting here.

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“The PG Conferences are an excellent resource for parents as they seek to navigate the turbulent waters of the teen years and sexuality. The practical help and encouragement will give parents hope as they build a relationship of openness and love with their teens. The material is gospel-centered and practical. I highly recommend both parents of teens and pre-teens to attend these conferences.” – Eliza Huie, Assistant Director of Counseling, Life Counseling Center

“Regeneration’s workshop on purity was timely, challenging, encouraging, and an invaluable resource for parents. I highly recommend it!” – Andy Horvath, Director of Ministries, Hunt Valley Church

“With all our culture is impressing upon our kids today, I often wonder how we as parents can help them process the constant messages bombarding them. Add to this, how to navigate screen time or the dangers of the Internet, and it can leave a parent feeling completely lost. This is why I’m grateful for Regeneration’s PG seminar. Regeneration provides content that not only educates parents on the messages our children are receiving but also how to parent well in relation to the culture and times we live in.” – Betsey Pierce, Children Ministries Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church

“Every parent wants exactly the information that is shared during a PG event. And every parent of a child ages 8-18 needs to hear this. Sex, pornography, social media and anxiety should be addressed in every home under the umbrella of God’s great love. The team at Regeneration made these conversations a lot more conceivable for the parents in our church. Thanks for equipping us to teach and love our teens better!” – Kelly Lippenholz, Project Coordinator, Church of the Nativity

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