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I have a longstanding habit of trying to make a difference (in my family, my friendships, the world, my yard, you name it) by working harder and faster. I press into my days determined to keep my commitments, be productive, focus on priorities, love people well, and serve God. How I go after this, though, is akin to trying to get power from an electrical cord by plugging it into itself.

I am finding (and I’m a slow learner) that my best days, most fruitful work, most loving moments come through slowing down to walk in communion with God. For me, this means moving through my day in a posture of prayer—open to him, listening for his voice, expectant that he is active both in and around me, and trusting that if I am created for connection with him, he is available for me to connect with.

This is different than trying to be holy. This is—in whatever moment I find myself—opening myself to him from whom all holiness (all love, all life, all good) flows.

Here’s the fundamental issue: You and I were created for connection with God and from connection with God. You’ve likely heard ‘for connection with God’ before. But if you’re like me, it’s the ‘created from connection with God’ piece you miss. Moment by moment, who you are flows from him. Disconnected from him, you’re not really . . . well, you.

But living from him, you come to life. You bear fruit. You love well. You make a difference.

Bring your experience—leave a comment! What helps you stay connected to Jesus throughout your day? Can you tell a difference between when you do and when you don’t? What has kept you from staying open to him and how have you learned to deal with that?


P.S. For a truly great article by Andy Comiskey on connecting with God in prayer, click here.

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  • I stay connected thru Christian music. Praise and worship keeps me centered. Thanks for the great articles.

By Josh Glaser

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