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Sexual desire is a good thing. It’s one of God’s most profound gifts to us. But that same good gift can be misused and misdirected in ways that overpower us and wound others.

Jesus wants to restore the good of sexual desire, to untwist it from sexual sin, so we can become free to live lives where desire and love are no longer opposed.

Rescue (Baltimore) and SALT (Northern VA) are curriculum-based programs where men share their stories, struggles, and progress as together they seek to uncover the God-given identity of each man. Our confidential and low-pressure environment allow men to move at their own pace, while also helping each man chart a course leading toward the freedom he longs for–the kind of freedom he was made for.

Meetings consist of worship, teaching, and small-group discussions.

My whole life had been around ministry, but I was empty. I’d buried and kept secret for 40 years my experience of being molested repeatedly growing up. Before I came to group, I experienced panic attacks, guilt, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness. I was out of control with porn and sexual encounters with men and women. I started sharing things I’ve never shared with anybody before. I feel safe, not judged. God is working through my weaknesses and empowering me to walk in freedom. — Jeff

I came feeling broken and rejected, regularly struggling with lust, porn, and prostitutes. Now I’m connected in relationship with God and my brothers, with this purposeful journey of Christ likeness. — Owen

The candor of the participants was surprising, and I discovered deep scriptural truths from the material. There was time to listen to the Holy Spirit, along with practical approaches to dealing with the everyday temptations that had gripped me. For me, this was a place of learning, confessing, healing, and opening a new door wide for conversational with God. — Clay

My experience at Regeneration changed how I view my wife, my daughters, and all women. I discovered that Christ is available for intimacy, and that in that intimacy He will deliver men from the bondage of sexual addiction. — Erik

Before coming, I was unable to talk about my struggle with same-sex attraction. The men in my group became glimpses of heaven to me as they listened and affirmed that I can be fully known and fully loved. I realized that my shame and self-loathing was a lie, not the answer. After 28 years in the church, I experienced for the first time the power of Jesus Christ and the intense, pursuing love of the Father. — Paul

If you would like to enroll, please download the application and email, fax, or mail your application to the Northern Virginia office.