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Women at the Well

Relationships are at the heart of life. Who we love and who loves us define much of who we are.

Sometimes, we can give certain relationships too much power in our lives. We lose ourselves as we make too much of another person or our role in a relationship. Unhealthy relationships may involve sex-related issues, idolatry, past wounds, abuse, or false hope for change.

Women at the Well is a curriculum-based program about establishing healthy relationships. Participants listen to each others’ stories and receive healing prayer as they draw near to Christ, who loves them most.

Women at the Well has taught me that anything I put before God is an idol and results in experiencing pain on some level. So I try to put God FIRST in the big as well as the small things in my life. — Eliza

The Lord led me to Regeneration to address the emotional/spiritual wounds I was suffering. The way the Women at the Well program and coaching are structured just invites Jesus into everything and the focus is what does God have for me and how can I best meet Him and allow His love and power to heal me. Absolutely powerful!! — Katy

I was searching for continued inner healing from the sexual sins and trauma of my past. I met other women with unique, yet similar, struggles. What surprised me was the raw honesty of these amazing women and the doors it continued to open inside of me to move farther down the roots of these issues. The compassion present in the group was a reminder to my own soul of the endless mercy God has for me. — Cathy

I was thirsty for more in my relationship with the Lord. Through the help of listening prayer, I found the courage to stop a cycle of unhealthy relationships by asking the Father to fill deeper gaps in my life. I was glad to find common ground and complete understanding. Tears flowed as I realized I could be the “real me” and no longer needed to put on a show. — Amy

If you would like to enroll please download the application and email, fax, or mail your application to the Baltimore office.

For more information, contact Kit Elmer (