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I haven’t lived with my parents for 20 years, but I still remember so much they taught me.

I keep my elbows off the table, I keep my eye on the ball. I wear sunscreen and check my mirrors. I know how to swim, make my bed, fry an egg, balance a checkbook, and paddle a canoe.

And my mom and dad also talked with me about sex. At least a little.

I’m grateful they tried. Shepherding our kids in the realm of sex and sexuality can be really tough for many reasons.

As I speak to different groups of adults, I often ask for a show of hands how many had parents who talked with them about sex. Usually, only a few hands go up.

This is tragic.

Sex is one of God’s most powerful and wonderful gifts to humanity. And as with every gift, the more powerful and wonderful it is, the greater capacity it has to bring either life or destruction. (Think of the difference between a car and a flashlight and you’ll know what I mean.)

If you didn’t receive godly parental guidance about sex and about yourself as a sexual being made in God’s image, then you went without something incredibly important to healthy development.

God created us as both spiritual and physical, and He cares deeply about our sexual lives. He wants to reclaim sexuality from all that’s distorted it or held it captive.

Will you give Him room in your life for this?

And for you parents: Here are just a few tips to help you care well for your own kids in this area:

  • If you can, be the first to talk with your kids about sex. Often, the first word is the most formational.
  • Become comfortable talking about sex. If you’re embarrassed, your son or daughter is more likely to feel uncomfortable, too.
  • More than having one perfect “sex talk,” make talking about sex a regular part of your ongoing relationship.
  • Give your kids a compelling vision. The culture is doing a phenomenal job at this. Give the reasons for the rules, and help them see how their desires ultimately point to what God teaches is good and true.

Get help from others. Guaranteed, God wants to grow you through this process just as much as He wants to help your kids.


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