Rats and Beauty


We all have places in our lives we know aren’t beautiful, including at least a few places that are just down right ugly.

When we come face to face with one of these parts, we have a choice in how we respond.

Many respond by following a logic like this: If you see a rat in your house, you get out a broom and take a whack at it. (Or something, anything, to get rid of it, and fast.) So you see something ugly in your life, you do the same thing—you try to hide it, stop it, silence it, defeat it, kill it—anything to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

The problem is, just like swinging a broom in your house, you’re bound to break something else you don’t intend to, maybe even something valuable. And, well, it rarely works to get rid of the rodent.

As an alternative to beating the ugly parts of you up with a broom, I’d like to recommend a second option: Come to the foot of the cross, open your hands, and receive Christ’s love . . . right there in the ugly place.

Is the ugly part lust? Let Christ on the cross love your eyes.

Is the ugly part gluttony? Let the crucified Jesus love your stomach and your taste buds.

Is the ugly part same-sex attractions? Let your holy Lover love sexual desire in you.

Maybe it’s something else—envy, fear, greed, mistrust, rage, a lack of desire for God. Whatever it is, Jesus’ cross is your answer.

In short, let God love the unlovely parts.

Picture Christ’s blood pouring out over those places, open your hands to His love, and over time, watch what happens.

Share your experience with others! What helps you to put the broom down and instead, to allow God to love the unlovely places in you? And what are some practical exercises or spiritual disciplines you’ve used that help you receive His love in those places? Leave a comment below.

Broom down,

P.S. If you find it difficult to receive God’s love in a particular area (and you will—everyone does), you’ll need a trusted friend, mentor, pastor, or counselor to help you.

Thanks For Reading.

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  • Honestly, what helps me the most is memorizing the WORD of God. I know at one point I had a couple of verses that I would repeat over and over for however long it took to get out of the negative obsessive compulsive thoughts. Binding God’s word around my neck and writing it on the tablet of my heart as given me life, joy and purpose when I would otherwise sink in deep depression. Thank you for your faithfulness to allow God to use you in mighty ways! To HIM be the glory!

  • A few wks. ago I lost my “firestone” ring, a gift to myself to ease the pain of singleness/ringlessness after divorce. Though I’ve always been careful, it was nowhere to be found, I gave it to the Lord, Who knew where it was. But He wouldn’t reveal its location to me. I felt a little peeved with Him.. On Valentine’s Day I reached for earrings in the jewelry box, and there was the
    treasured ring underneath! Immediately I sensed His sweetness that He had waited on purpose, to add a special meaning to His “I love you” on Hearts Day.

By Josh Glaser

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