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A conversational podcast by women, for women seeking to get closer to Jesus by diving deeper into topics like sexual integrity, relational healing, spiritual health, and so much more.

God crafted you with your sexual desire. Along the way, something may have twisted that gift. Let’s get back to valuing your sexuality.

Every bit of you is sacred by design.

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Welcome to sacred by design a podcast by women for women. Together, we’ll explore issues like betrayal, trauma, sexual brokenness, and more. It’s time to connect your struggle to your story to God. Let’s get started. This is our very first episode, which means we must have cake. And since this podcast centers around sexual brokenness, and spiritual coaching, you know, this won’t be just any piece of cake. One way I’ve learned to understand conversations with others, is through the illustration of a three layer cake. The first layer represents a superficial catch up polite conversation, the second layer goes a little deeper, where you feel good enough to ask more questions, and give more detailed answers. And then there’s the third layer, where you go deep, because it is safe and honest. It’s in that sweet spot where we’ll be throughout our conversations here on sacred by design, because maybe no one else knows how you’re carrying around the story of what happened to you so long ago, or you haven’t felt safe enough to reveal the secret of his cheating. So you hide it with excuses and more excuses. Or maybe you’re feeling caught up in a cycle, swiping left hooking up and then waking up with regret. Sacred by design is a special podcast where you’ll hear deep, honest, safe conversations with women, about women will dive deep into topics like sexual integrity, relational healing, spiritual health, and so much more. But don’t let the word sacred for you. Sacred doesn’t mean we’re stuffing scripture in the issue and wrapping it in a tidy sermon. Maybe you’ve tried to talk to someone at church before and left with more hurt than help. Maybe you try bringing your habit to your friends, and only got raised eyebrows and awkward silence. I’m so sorry. There’s no place for shame here. So settle in. The most spiritual practices we will do together on this podcast. And in a one on one session is listen. It’s the listening that is holy. What are you listening to? Who are you listening to paying attention to that matters? This is an invitation for you to live your life and freedom, not strapped with restrictions. Lust management tactics can only do so much. You are worth immeasurably more than just rules. Jesus is offering relationship, the very same Jesus you may know from Sunday school and gospel stories is very much alive and waiting. Just waiting to have those deep, honest third layer cake conversations with you. Are you listening? He promises to be in the storm. Yes. And he’s inviting you to get to the other side with him. There is more. Are you willing to listen? This is powerful, important work? What we’ll talk about the work we might suggest could get tough, but we’re up for it. And so are you. You are not alone. So who are we? We are spiritual coaches at regeneration ministries. If you’ve never heard of spiritual coaching, let me explain. We are real women living real lives, working alongside you through the committed practice of listening for very real God. We are a team of women with a mission to equip you to learn and live out God’s good, holy, beautiful design for your sexuality. Let’s hit pause right there. The idea of putting God and sexuality together even in the same sentence may surprise you. So let’s sit with this sentence a moment. God’s good, holy, beautiful design for your sexuality. This collection of words is the mission that drives the heart of our work. Your longings your sexual desire is a powerful gift designed by God, what happened to yours? Abuse, purity, culture, a breakdown and family confusing and constantly changing cultural messages about your identity. These are just some of the ways the world may have broken your sexuality. In each episode, we will take time to carefully look at these scenarios and how they can impact your sexual life. Because whatever wounded your sexuality may now look like a habit you’re trying to quit. What if you could take that habit to the foot of the cross? Can you begin to rethink the cross as a place of intimacy, not guilt, lingering where Jesus died for you may make you uncomfortable. But let’s stay here together. Understanding Jesus heart for you displayed on the cross and that he would stretch his arms across that tree over and over again, just for you as you are, it is both mind blowing and true. It is our actual mission to help you get to a place where you believe you are are meant to be free. You were made to be hold, and your sexuality is good. Our offering to you here is a safe place to discover all that encompasses your desire, and your unwanted sexual behaviors. You know those questions you carry in your head but never asked out loud. We promise to handle those hard topics with curiosity, and vulnerability, and honesty. Jesus taught through telling stories and by living the story of his own life. What could happen if you let Jesus teach you through the story of your own life? Yes, you may feel pressure all around you. But Jesus does not want you to be crushed. You might feel confused, but he doesn’t want you to quit. Might feel persecuted, but because of Jesus because of Jesus, you are never alone. We don’t promise these episodes will lay out simple answers. But if you allow them, these episodes can serve as a journal prompt, a conversation starter with someone you trust, or even an encouragement to consider time with a spiritual coach to discover more. While you’ve been busy burying your broken pieces, you may have also buried the wholeness you are created for. So together, let’s discover how your sexuality is in fact, sacred by design. That’s a wrap time to stretch out your hands, take a deep breath and actually release it this time. If we’ve touched on something that you want to go deeper with, check out our coaching page to set up an appointment with one of us, head to our website at

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No matter where you are in life and maybe even because of what you’re battling; we hope you hear that loud and clear in each episode. Every other week, we’ll share our hearts and a spiritual practice to turn what we’re discussing into real life change.

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