Sense of Well-Being


We make resolutions every New Year to exercise more, and some of us do. We try the new diets, and foods with organic or all-natural labels fly off the shelves. People love to care about health. But unfortunately, what falls to the wayside in that quest to be physically healthy is spiritual and emotional well-being. Too often we forget about our sense of being, or we believe there isn’t anything that can be done to change it.

Our sense of being radiates from an inner core of warmth, acceptance and connection. The child intuitively senses they are cherished and welcomed, creating a sense of peace. I am simply loved for who I am, not for what I do.

The sense of being thus develops through rootedness in the life of another. In this early stage of life, I cannot differentiate myself from Mother. Mother and I are one; Mother is my life. Intuitively I gain an inner sense of security through her love.

Your sense of being is the foundation on which your capacity to relate to others is built. Well-being – your capacity to know you are okay – grows from this foundation as well.  A good sense of well-being is one where I find contentment, peace and rest derived simply from knowing I am God’s daughter or son.

How secure and loved did you feel early in your life? Healthy relationship and connection with our mothers increased our capacity for later separation from her. Confidence built on the security we experience with her increases our capacity to become independent and trust others.

In this same way, our early experiences also build confidence in who we are – our growing healthy sense of self.

A solid, inner sense of self influences how we later receive and extend love. Having a good sense of being and well-being enables us to enter into community.

Question for you: What are some moments from your childhood, whether good or bad, which you know helped to form your confidence and sense of well-being?

Note: This post is an excerpt from Bob Ragan’s Path Through the Wilderness, a program which began on October 4th in Northern VA and will begin on October 18th in the Greater Baltimore area. This program is intended for all men and women seeking healing and restoration from relational or sexual brokenness.

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