Stories of Regeneration

Listen to the Stories of Regeneration

Barb’s Story

“I thought, ‘Oh Regeneration is just about sex and that’s it,’ but no it is finding your true self, it is finding your identity, it is finding freedom in the Lord…”

“So then throughout High School I knew I struggled with sexual fantasy and lust, but no one ever talked about it with me… or I knew that only men or guys struggled with that kind of stuff. I never ever, ever heard of women struggling with that…”

Manny’s Story

“I was at my wits end… ‘God this is it, this is my final hope, so if you do not meet me where I am at, if you do not meet me here, I am either going to take my life, or I am going to go into the lifestyle, and fully give into the depths of my dark desires.’”

“…completely isolated and away from the body of Christ that my heart grew cold and bitter but when I finally felt welcomed to come back…I felt like this was a place I could connect and really just dive deep and trust God once again.”

Alyssa’s Story

“…when I did pursue meeting with a counselor, I was just in a place of desperation, ‘Lord I need your help, and I can’t do it myself…'”

“…it’s been a process just to learn vulnerability in a way thats not sexual but allows my heart to be open and that’s something I have never really known…”

Danny and Juliet’s Story

“…it was trying to find fulfillment in relationships, trying to find fulfillment sexually or emotionally in relationships, and then alcohol as well…”

“I had just gotten to a place where I didn’t know who I was. With that came a lack of self-worth, a lack of confidence, and a lack of understanding of how loved I was…”

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