Are You Ready for the Unexpected?


It started like any other workday. The sun was low in the sky as Seth departed for his evening shift. He enjoyed his work tending animals. Seth had pet names for many of them, and they knew his voice. The animals felt safe and secure under his care. Seth gathered with his coworkers. It was a beautiful evening with the stars brightly shining as they walked in the fields, guarding their flocks of...

Let Your Body Anticipate


If you haven’t been thinking much about your body this Advent, I want to invite you to begin. It’s so important to truly celebrate Christmas. We can approach Christmas too lost in busy-ness, consumerism, and perfectionism, but we can also approach Christmas over-spiritually. The first Christmas happened so long ago and in a very different culture, so it can feel other-worldly to us. But your body...



This time of year can have an inebriating effect on me. I don’t at all mean inebriating in the good sense of the word. Not the exhilarating, coming back alive sense that so many seem to experience as Christmas approaches. For me, it’s like my senses start to dull and the season turns into more of a slumber than a celebration. It’s not because I dislike Christmas. (Heck, I see Christmas...

Wait Quickly


I eat too fast. Drive too fast. Work too much. And expect too much of movies. I partly think it’s because deep inside I struggle to trust there will be enough for me. And so I grasp to make sure there is. This was also why I ran so hard for so many years after pornography and other illicit sexual connections. So it is with all of us every time we say ‘no’ to God and His Word and ‘yes’ to sinful...

Your Date Is Here


It’s a risky thing to ask a girl out.   I remember the fear as a twenty-something anytime I asked a young woman on a date. It felt like placing my heart in her hands for her either to hold or to crush. So like a lot of guys, I tried to minimize the risk, read the signals, pick up on clues and cues to get a good sense of what she’d say before I ever put myself out there. If it seemed like she...

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