Why Emotions Matter With Tristen and Jonathan Collins

Join Josh and Kit this week as they welcome Tristen and Jonathan Collins in speaking about Why Emotions Matter. Highlights: Shame is a signal that your identity is being threatened Fear is a signal that you are in danger Anger is a signal that an expectation wasn’t met Sadness is a signal that something needs to heal Jealousy is a signal of an unfulfilled desire Happiness is a signal that a...

Let Your Body Anticipate

If you haven’t been thinking much about your body this Advent, I want to invite you to begin. It’s so important to truly celebrate Christmas. We can approach Christmas too lost in busy-ness, consumerism, and perfectionism, but we can also approach Christmas over-spiritually. The first Christmas happened so long ago and in a very different culture, so it can feel other-worldly to us. But your body...


It makes sense why we find ourselves drawn to stories, movies, and songs about a nobody who becomes someone spectacular.

Plot Twist 2: Flesh

Sin doesn’t grant you permission to do what you want. It gives you no option but to do what it wants. And worse yet, to believe the want has come from you.

Plot Twist

Have you ever watched a film where, right near the end, you find out a new piece of information that turns all you thought you knew about the plot and flips it on its head? I think here of The Sixth Sense, The Usual Suspects, Fight Club, Shutter Island, or The Prestige. In each, you get just one additional sliver of information and suddenly scenes that didn’t quite make sense now do and other...

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