Don’t Exempt Me from Waiting

Love is not love without waiting. This is why we are moved when a beautiful young woman waits faithfully for her fiancé to return home from a long journey. And why we cringe to hear of a man coming home to his beloved only to learn she’s pregnant with another man’s child. Most of us don’t think of our love for God in these terms. He’s God and his power is limitless, after all. Somehow we think...

As Is

Christians who want to do right can be too quick to criticize themselves. And in so doing, they can work against the change want most.

Desire Ignited

What does God want us to do with the problem of desire? Every one of us experiences desires that seem like they’ll only be satisfied if we choose to set aside God’s commands, at least temporarily. Stack up the ten commandments or the beatitudes next to the wants and urges that rise up in you during your typical week, and you’ll see what I mean. If we’re nothing else, surely we’re creatures of...

In the Name of Love

When the Supreme Court announced its 5 – 4 decision a little over a week ago to legalize same-sex marriage in all 50 states, news and social media sites lit up with celebrations in the name of love. I felt sorrow. I know many of you did, too. Our sorrow may confuse or even infuriate those who know us. How can you, followers of a loving God, not celebrate when men and women across the country are...


It makes sense why we find ourselves drawn to stories, movies, and songs about a nobody who becomes someone spectacular.

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