Increase Motivation with Just One Word


In your pursuit of change, how’s your motivation level?   For many who are trying unsuccessfully to leave unwanted sexual behaviors, low motivation is a significant problem. So how can you increase how motivated you are?   With just one word.   To discover if this one word can help you, you first need to ask yourself why you’re trying to change.   Why are you...

When You Want Sex but Can’t Have It


Join Josh and Kit as the unravel the God-given longing for sexual desire, for physical touch and the longing for something much much bigger. Highlights: …to be seen, to be heard, to be understood… …what if we would wait, and see what God would do… …I think we live in a culture that ignores the souls longing and just listens to the body… Click for Full Podcast Transcription Kit...

A Different Approach to Desire


We have two typical responses when confronted with desire. The first is to indulge it. We want what we want and we want it now. This is the starting place for most of us even as little children. Some of us never outgrow it. We can trace this approach back to our first father and mother who, though God said not to, ate the forbidden fruit because it looked good and seemed to promise what they...

Don’t Be Fullish


Every week, men and women contact Regen because their desires keep getting them into trouble. Or so they think. But desire isn’t their problem. Fullishness is. Here’s what I mean: The greatest threat to a person deprived of nutrients is not hunger. It’s believing he’s had enough to eat. But as long as a man is hungry, he’ll seek out the nourishment he needs. We’re saturated with what’s...

Does Jesus Change Sexual Orientation?


Jesus can change homosexually-attracted men and women. Change is multi-faceted and there’s a lot more to how this happens and what this means than this blog will cover, but we know the reality of change based on the authority of Scripture, the historical teachings of the Church, and the testimonies of those who have experienced changes in their behavior, their sense of identity, and...

How to Keep Relief from Ruining You


We live in a culture addicted to relief. Whether aspirin, TV, workaholism, gossip, food, or porn, we run to relief at every turn. Why not? If we can experience relief now, why would we not take it?   Because it’s ruining us. Why? Because individually and collectively we’ve elevated relief over restoration. Relief is a lessening or removal of suffering. Restoration is when something is brought...

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