No More Mr. Elsewhere

I’ve got a place I want to spend more time in 2014. And I want to invite you to join me. The place is right here, right now. Wherever that may be. I’ve begun to notice that I spend an incredible amount of time “elsewhere”—that space so many of our hearts and minds go that’s not where we are. I go elsewhere when I focus on what I’d like to have and miss what I do have. Like when at 6 p...

Ideal Distractions

I’m a sentimentalist. I admit it. This time of year, I find myself wishing my life looked a bit more like . . . well, more like the ads on TV:  Fire in the fireplace, snow falling gently outside, Christmas tree all decked out, an immense number of pristinely wrapped presents underneath, and a diverse group of family and friends (all with really white teeth) gathered joyously together as...

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