falling in love


In Love with Falling in Love

True confession: I’m a sap when it comes to love stories, and I admit I love a happily ever after ending. Falling in love can be magnificent. It can awaken our senses to beauty. Suddenly, we notice the twittering of birds, the colors in the sky, the quiet creaking of trees, or the quirky sense of humor of that difficult coworker. Falling in love stirs desire in us. It draws us like a magnet...

Less Love?

There’s an increasing amount of cultural pressure to reject the traditional Christian teaching that sex and marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman. Compelling arguments abound. One I hear repeatedly is this: God is big enough and loving enough to embrace all kinds of love, not just heterosexual love. Almost every time I hear this, I find myself taken aback, stumbling a bit...

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