I remember as a teenager taking a corner too fast on a snowy road in my step-dad’s car. The car spun out of control and slammed into the side of the street. My brother got out to assess the damage while I sat anxiously inside. Through the front windshield I read his lips: “You’re dead.” Sometimes life’s like this. We hit an icy stretch, we mess up, and we long to hear from a loving Father...

When You Can’t Do God’s Will


Jesus stood up to impossibility. Like the brave kid on the playground who finally tells the bully to knock it off, Jesus walked right up to impossibilities and punched them in the teeth. And the blind saw, the lame walked, the sinner was washed clean, and the outcast came to dinner. This is so important for you and I today. We seek to faithfully live out God’s will for marriage and...

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