gay marriage


Interpreting Shapes

Before all time, God hovered over the abyss, brooding. We don’t know for how long. In a world of time, it may have been eons. Like an artist before a blank canvas, with eyes closed, breathing deeply, imagining every detail before even dipping his brush. And then he begins. For five and a half days, God’s creation takes shape.  Then, day six, the creation of man and woman. There are two ways to...

Now What?

Tuesday, Maryland and Maine became the first two states in the U.S. to legalize homosexual marriage by a vote of the people. I’m among the 48% of Marylanders who voted against same-sex marriage, and today I’m grieving. Rightly so. If you feel the same sadness, you might be tempted, as many are right now, to focus on what went wrong, to blame, to complain. There’s a better response. Let the eyes...

Against or For?

It seems it’s difficult these days to say anything challenging gay marriage without being looked as a bigot, a religious zealot, or a hater. In response, many have gotten quiet. But I can’t. Not so much because I’m opposed to gay marriage (though I am), but because I love homosexual men and women. For the past 15 years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting and walking alongside hundreds of men and...

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